Food and Drink

The mission of the Laredo College Libraries is to provide high quality services combined with an excellent collection of materials to support the mission, goals, educational, and research needs of students, staff, faculty, administration, and community users. Laredo College Libraries have established these guidelines to provide an atmosphere conducive to study free of disruption, noise and other impediments. Patrons are required to exercise good stewardship. Library staff have the right to ask patrons to store their food or move to designated eating areas. Anyone refusing to put away their food will be asked to leave the library. In order to fulfill this mission for library users, we ask that those using the libraries follow the following policies.

Foods and drinks ALLOWED:

  • Covered beverages
  • Snacks (snack size container, small whole fruits, vegetables, cookies, candies, nuts, candy bars, granola bars, etc.)

Food and drinks NOT ALLOWED:

  • Full meals (anything that is served hot, made to order, or eaten with utensils)
  • Messy or strong odors are not permitted
  • Uncovered beverages
  • Food deliveries
  • Alcohol

NO food or drinks are allowed:

  • At the computer stations
  • Using library media equipment (laptop, kindles, TV’s, smart board that belong to the library)
  • At copier and microfilm areas
  • Special Collection room

Out of consideration for other users, please:

  • Clean up accidents or spills
  • Dispose of all trash properly
  • Use the “leave no trace” philosophy
  • Clean work area

Particles of food left behind may lead to unwanted pests in the building. Unattended food and/or beverages are subject to being disposed. Patrons are asked to take care of furniture and equipment and to be considerate of the next generation of library users. Damages to furniture and/or equipment will cause them to not make it available to other users. Furthermore, patrons should avoid having their feet on any of the furniture in order to reduce damages.


The Laredo College Libraries have established the following guidelines in order to accommodate all the needs of library users. Library patrons should be considerate of other patrons by limiting their level of noise. Patrons refusing to cooperate will be asked to leave the building.

Noise Control: Loud conversations, loud music, and/or disruptive behavior will not be accepted. All public areas within the library permit normal conversational noise level. Library staff reserve the right to ask patrons to lower their noise level to ensure the comfort of others working around them.

Study Groups: If you will be working in a group, consider booking a study room online at Study rooms are not soundproof; hence all conversations should be at a reasonable noise level in order not to disrupt other study groups.

Electronic Devices: All electronic devices should be on silent or vibrate mode. Patrons should consider using headphones when listening audio formats (headphones can be checkout at Circulation desk). Patrons making calls should step outside to conduct their conversations.