Damaged Goods

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  • Author(s): Bardsley, Jennifer
  • Series:
    Blank Slate, book 2
  • Publication Information:
    Raleigh, NC : Month9Books, LLC. 2017
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    • Abstract:
      Blanca has everything she ever wanted, a hot boyfriend named Seth and the loving support of her foster father, Cal. But the scars of Blanca's Vestal upbringing run deep, especially when the FBI starts asking questions. The Defectos, a support group of Vestal-Rejects, offer Blanca comfort. While the Vestal order crumbles, Chinese rivals called the Guardians rise to power and wrest control of important Tabula Rasa contacts. Now Blanca's life is in peril once more, and this time, Blanca struggles to recognize friend from foe.
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      9781945107801. 9781945107481.
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