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Booklist Reviews 2012 November #2

In The Last Letter from Your Lover (2011), Moyes presented a heavily plotted novel that spanned decades and featured parallel romances. Her newest work dials down the intricacy, and the result is a far more intimate novel. Moyes introduces us first to Will Traynor, a formerly high-flying, thrill-seeking executive now confined to a wheelchair as a quadriplegic. Twentysomething Louisa "Lou" Clark has been hired as his caretaker, despite a total lack of experience. As the prickly Will and plainspoken Lou gradually warm to each other, she learns that the six-month length of her contract coincides with the amount of time Will has agreed, for his parents' sake, to postpone his planned assisted suicide, a subject Moyes treats evenhandedly. Armed with this information, Lou sets about creating adventures for Will, hoping to give him a reason to live. Simultaneously, Will encourages Lou to expand the expectations of what her life could be. All signs point to romance and a happy ending for the pair, but Moyes has something more heartbreakingly truthful in mind: Sometimes love isn't enough. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Booklist Reviews 2015 November #1

Best-selling Moyes (One Plus One, 2014) captured lightning in a bottle in Me Before You (2012) with its unlikely pairing of Louisa Clark and Will Traynor. This sequel picks up the story 18 months after Will's death and finds Lou paralyzed with grief. She has returned to her family and forced herself to join a support group. If its predecessor was very much the story of Lou blossoming in Will's presence, this tale shows her gradually finding strength in his absence, helped by an unexpected person from Will's past. Though After You suffers from a Will-sized hole, it provides satisfying closure to the burning question: what happened to Lou? Copyright 2014 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2015 September #2

This unexpected sequel to Moyes's Me Before You reveals what happened to Louisa Clark after that book's heart-wrenching finale. Eighteen months after those events, a terrible accident sends Lou home to her family. Forced to take stock of her life after Will, she realizes it's not what he had hoped for her. So she begins to struggle up out of her grief. This book doesn't reach the emotional level of its predecessor; it lacks the intense focus on two characters that elevated Me Before You to its unique position among Moyes's works. There's a lot to follow as well. Along with Lou's journey, we see the emotional quests of her family, Will's family (including some unexpected members), a grief support group, and, of course, a new romantic interest. The many surprises and misunderstandings are all neatly tied up by the end. VERDICT A necessary book for public libraries everywhere. Moyes's many fans will line up to read more about Lou. The author's usual style is reflected, ensuring that fans of romance and family drama will be delighted. [See Prepub Alert, 3/23/15.]—Melanie Kindrachuk, Stratford P.L., Ont.

[Page 69]. (c) Copyright 2015 Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

LJ Reviews 2015 April #2

In million-copy best seller Me Before You, Louisa Clark becomes caretaker to Will Traynor, wheelchair-bound after an accident and embittered enough to be planning suicide. Moyes initially had no plans to follow up, but readers kept asking what happened to Lou, and Moyes got an inspiration that she turned into this book.

[Page 58]. (c) Copyright 2014. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

PW Reviews 2012 October #2

In Moyes's (The Last Letter from Your Lover) disarmingly moving love story, Louisa Clark leads a routine existence: at 26, she's dully content with her job at the cafe in her small English town and with Patrick, her boyfriend of six years. But when the cafe closes, a job caring for a recently paralyzed man offers Lou better pay and, despite her lack of experience, she's hired. Lou's charge, Will Traynor, suffered a spinal cord injury when hit by a motorcycle and his raw frustration with quadriplegia makes the job almost unbearable for Lou. Will is quick-witted and sardonic, a powerhouse of a man in his former life (motorcycles; sky diving; important career in global business). While the two engage in occasional banter, Lou at first stays on only for the sake of her family, who desperately needs the money. But when she discovers that Will intends to end his own life, Lou makes it her mission to persuade him that life is still worth living. In the process of planning "adventures" like trips to the horse track—some of which illuminate Lou's own minor failings—Lou begins to understand the extent of Will's isolation; meanwhile, Will introduces Lou to ideas outside of her small existence. The end result is a lovely novel, both nontraditional and enthralling. Agent: Sheila Crowley, Curtis Brown. (Dec.)

[Page ]. Copyright 2012 PWxyz LLC