Unconventional magnetism of the Kondo lattice

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      Condensed Matter
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      A review is given of the experimental situation and theoretical predictions concerning unconventional magnetic ordering in dense Kondo 4f- and 5f-systems, including recently investigated on cerium, ytterbium, and actinide based ternary systems. This unconventional ordering is characterized by a small magnetic moment and exhibits features typical of both localized-spin and itinerant-electron magnets. Particular attention is paid to ferromagnetic systems and the competition among different types of magnetic ordering. The perturbation theory method, renormalization group approach, and auxiliary pseudofermion representation are considered as tools for describing the formation of the Kondo lattice ground state. The problem of non-Fermi-liquid behavior is also discussed.
      Comment: Review paper in Russian, 34 pages, English version is available from the author
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