The history of science fiction / Adam Roberts.

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    • Publication Information:
      Second edition.
    • Abstract:
      Summary: Thorough revision and expansion of the first edition, tracing the development of the genre from Ancient Greece and the European Reformation through to the end of the 20th century, with a new chapter discussing 21st-century science fiction and new material in every chapter.
    • Content Notes:
      Preface to Second Edition; Preface to the First Edition (2006); Works Cited; Contents; chapter 1: Definitions; Three Definitions; The Scientific and€the€Technological I: The€Scientific; The Scientific and€the€Technological II: The€Technological; 'In Real Life' and€'in SF'; Conclusion; Notes; Works Cited; chapter 2: SF and€the€Ancient Novel; The Ancient Cosmos; Early Novels; Conclusion; Works Cited; chapter 3: From Medieval Romance to€Sixteenth-Century Utopia; Sixteenth-Century Utopias; Systematisation and€the€Material: 16th-Century Science; Note; Works Cited; chapter 4: Seventeenth-Century SF.
    • Content Notes:
      The Copernican Cosmos and€the€Sense of€Wonder17th-Century Science Fictional Prose Romances; Kepler's Somnium; Interplanetary Travel; Cyrano de Bergerac and€the€Plurality of€Worlds; Neo-Latin Writing; Terrestrial Utopias; Future Tales and€Alternate History; Developments in€Science; Works Cited; chapter 5: Eighteenth-Century SF: Big, Little; Swift's Travels; Little and€Big: Voltaire's Aliens; 18th-Century Voyages Extraordinaires; Subterranean Adventures and€Interplanetaries; The 18th-Century Moon; SF and€Gothic Fiction; Pre-Revolutionary and€Revolutionary SF; Conclusion; Notes; Works Cited.
    • Content Notes:
      Chapter 6: Early 19th-Century SFVisions of€the€Future and€'Last Man' Fictions; Extraordinary Voyages and€Automata; Mary Shelley's Frankenstein (1818); SF of€the€1820s and€the€1830s; Edgar Allan Poe; Geoffroy and€the€Invention of€Alternate History; Notes; Works Cited; chapter 7: SF 1850-1900: Mobility and€Mobilisation; The 1850s; Antigravity: Mobility's Objective Correlative; Contemporaries of€Verne; Mystical Science Fiction; Future War and€Invasion Fantasies: Militaristic Extrapolation; Albert Robida; Late Century Utopias; L'Ève Future (1884): Edison's Android; Science Fiction in€the€1890s.
    • Content Notes:
      'Will'Notes; Works Cited; CHAPTER 8: Verne and€Wells; Verne; Wells; Works Cited; CHAPTER 9: The Early 20th Century, 1: High Modernist SF; Anti-machinists; Mystical and€Religious SF; Zamiatin; Čapek and€Bulgakov; Stapledon; High Modernism: Proust and€Richardson; Conclusion; Works Cited; CHAPTER 10: The Early 20th Century, 2: The€Pulps; Pulps; The Magazine Era; Edgar Rice Burroughs; E E 'Doc' Smith; European Pulps; Visual Texts; SF Cinema: The€Silent Era; SF Cinema in€the€1930s; 1930s Film Serials; Welles' War of€the€Worlds (1938); Notes; Works Cited; CHAPTER 11: Golden Age SF: 1940-1960.
    • Content Notes:
      AsimovEarly Heinlein; North American Golden Age Writers; The Postwar British Scene; 'Cosy Catastrophe' and€Alien Children; Golden Age 'Religious' Fictions; European SF of€the€1940s and€1950s; Films; Visual Artists; Comics; European Comics; Conclusion; Notes; Works Cited; CHAPTER 12: The Impact of€the€New Wave: SF of€the€1960s and€1970s; New Wave SF; Heinlein, Herbert, Barth, Moorcock; Philip K Dick; Le Guin; Brian Aldiss; Anglophone SF; European SF of€the€1960s and€1970s; Japanese SF; Conclusion; Notes; Works Cited; chapter 13: SF Screen Media, 1960-2000: Hollywood Cinema and€TV.
    • Notes:
      Includes bibliographical references and index.
      Print version record.
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