Our chemical hearts / Krystal Sutherland.

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      Summary: "When high school senior Henry Page meets Grace Town, he finally experiences the ups and downs of first love"-- Provided by publisher.
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Booklist Reviews 2016 October #2

In this bittersweet telling of a great and everlasting love, Henry, the editor of the school paper, realizes with a slow, unfolding wonder that he isn't just fascinated by his coeditor Grace Town, he loves her. Grace is brooding, aloof, and mysterious. She walks with a cane, takes Henry on quirky excursions, and looks nothing like her social media pictures of a bright, beautiful, smiling athlete. Henry's best friends, Australian party guy Murray and lesbian graphic designer Lola, dub Grace a manic pixie dream girl, but Henry knows there's much more to her than that. Perhaps too much. Grace's physical and emotional pain stems from a car accident so traumatic that she transferred schools and is now uncertain about her once carefully planned, hopeful future. As she palpably struggles with her past, Henry similarly grasps for a way to be close to someone who is emotionally broken. Emotionally complex, funny, filled with well-realized and diverse characters and realistic motivations, Sutherland's debut will stick with readers. Copyright 2016 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2017 Spring

The new girl in school, Grace is, in Henry's words, "straight-up weird"; she wears guys' clothes, smells unclean, and uses a cane. But Henry desperately falls for her during their senior year, even after he learns about her tragic past. Sutherland balances witty banter, Facebook messaging, and teenage lust with mature philosophical musings about love, loss, and human existence in this sharp and affecting debut. Copyright 2017 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

PW Reviews 2016 August #1

Anyone who has felt the ache of first love will relate to Henry Page, a bookish high school senior unexpectedly swept off his feet. Henry, who has never had a girlfriend, isn't immediately attracted to new student Grace Town, who enters the school with a conspicuous limp, "dressed head to toe in guys' clothing" ("I'd seen junkies that looked in better shape than she did that morning," Henry says). Yet after Grace and Henry are asked to co-edit the school newspaper, his interest in her grows, fueled by Grace's on-again-off-again flirting. As romance blossoms, secrets about Grace's past and current situation emerge, and Henry begins to think that Grace may be beyond his help. Eloquently conveying the complexity of love and grief, debut novelist Sutherland creates a story filled with intriguing and memorable characters. Henry's quirky friends, dry-witted parents, and rebel-turned-neuroscientist sister (who offers sage advice on matters of the heart) add touches of brightness to this dark romance. Ages 14–up. Agent: Catherine Drayton, Inkwell Management. (Oct.)

[Page ]. Copyright 2016 PWxyz LLC