Let the sky fall / by Shannon Messenger.

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      1st Simon Pulse hardcover ed.
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      Summary: Ten years after surviving the tornado that killed his parents, Vane Weston, now seventeen, has no memory of that fateful day but dreams of a beautiful girl who, he now learns, is not only real, she is his guardian sylph, who harnesses the power of the wind.
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Booklist Reviews 2013 April #2

When Vane Weston was seven years old, a category-five tornado killed his parents but inexplicably spared his life. Ten years later, he lives in California's blistering hot Coachella Valley with his foster parents, normal teen angst, and childhood memories of a dark-haired girl. In Messenger's refreshingly clean paranormal debut, the alternating voices of Vane and Audra, the dark-haired girl, narrate the rising action. Audra is a sylph, an air elemental, and she finally reappears in Vane's life with astounding news: the world is in danger, Vane is the only one who can save it, and he is not human at all—he is also a sylph. With barely a week to master skills most sylphs need a lifetime to grasp (if he is to successfully fight off his unknown enemies), Vane responds to Audra's hardened guardian ways with a mixture of rebellion against and attraction to the girl who secretly has been watching over him since the tornado. While the romance may be predictable, unusual paranormal entities and strong writing should interest genre readers in search of a fresh new series. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Fall

Long after a tornado kills his parents, seventeen-year-old Vane learns why he survived: he is a powerful sylph who can manipulate the winds. With help from his secretive but alluring female protector, Vane masters his skills in preparation for an epic wind battle. Both the mythology and the frantic plot lack sound structure, but Vane stands out as an affable, crush-worthy protagonist.

PW Reviews 2013 February #2

Seventeen-year-old Vane Weston lost his parents in a freak tornado when he was seven. While he loves his adopted parents, who live in California's scorching Coachella Valley, he can't shake the feeling that something about that accident doesn't add up. Enter Audra, the gorgeous and disciplined "sylph" who saved his life and has been haunting his dreams. Audra reveals that Vane is also a sylph, a mystical creature who can control the wind, and that he's being hunted by Raiden, a ruthless and powerful sylph. Readers learn the secrets of the sylphs, as Vane and Audra experiment with Vane's emerging abilities and she struggles with her role as his guardian. As Messenger (Keeper of the Lost Cities) alternates between Vane and Audra's perspectives, the story bogs down in detailed explanations about the sylph world, Vane's training proceeds with excruciating slowness, and the romance between Vane and Audra is lackluster and predictable. The novel works best when Messenger's characters are left to explore her vividly imagined world of wind, rather than just talk about it. Ages 13–up. Agent: Laura Rennert, Andrea Brown Literary Agency. (Mar.)

[Page ]. Copyright 2012 PWxyz LLC