Relentless : a novel / Dean Koontz.

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      1st ed.
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      Summary: Facing an inexorable assault on far more than his life, successful family man and bestselling novelist Cullen "Cubby" Greenwich finds himself in a desperate struggle with relentless sociopath and reclusive critic Shearman Waxx.
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Booklist Reviews 2009 May #2

"Koontz has injected his opinions about the state of the culture into his crackerjack thrillers ever since Dark Rivers of the Heart (1994), which bristled with indignation over murderous law enforcement against the Branch Davidian religious sect and others. Not since then has he made his perception of cultural disintegration so central to the plot as it is in this outlandish but, once again, smoothly spun nail-biter. Successful novelist Cullen Greenwich—Cubby to his intimates—at long last gets reviewed by the lead critic of the most prestigious American newspaper. But it's a severely hostile review that indicates that the reviewer didn't bother reading the book—a real hatchet job. His wife and child-prodigy son, whose passion at age six is physics, advise him to forget about it, but after he learns that the critic lives nearby and patronizes a favorite restaurant of his, he can't quite. And so, within mere hours, the Greenwiches' house blows up, and they're on the run, linked to the rest of the world by disposable cellphones only. Some critic. The murderous reviewer may have chosen the wrong victims this time, however, for the missus comes from a wealthy and very ingenious survivalist clan, and she's determined to fight back. Asking greater suspension of disbelief, or willingness to indulge angry paranoia about the state of American popular culture, than he ever has before, Koontz still grabs readers as few other thriller scribes can." Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

LJ Reviews 2009 January #1

The critic as villain: everyone loves Cubby Greenwich's new book except for one famously nasty and reclusive reviewer, and Cubby gets into deep trouble when he simply tries to meet the guy. Copyright 2009 Reed Business Information.

LJ Reviews 2009 May #2

"Cubby" Greenwich is a best-selling novelist with a new book out and reviews hitting the stands. When he's eviscerated by renowned critic Shearman Waxx in a review full of errors, he can't help but wonder at the man behind the critique, the inaccuracies, and the poor syntax. Following one relatively harmless run-in at a local restaurant, Cubby and his family (wife and fellow author Penny, six-year-old son and off-the-charts genius son "Spooky" Milo, and similarly spooky dog Lassie) are exposed to terrors beyond metaphorical slaying. Shearman Waxx is a man bent on destroying not merely Cubby's book sales but the man and his family. He has uncanny knowledge, and Cubby soon discovers that he's not the only author to fall victim to Waxx's psychopathic attentions. Relentless echoes the very best of the Odd Thomas series in voice; this is an exquisite crafting of the thrilling, the unexplainable, and the personal, with the mirth and whimsy that Koontz throws in seemingly effortlessly just when it's most needed and least expected. Koontz fans will snap up. Buy multiple copies. Highly recommended. [See Prepub Alert, LJ 1/09.]—Julie Kane, Sweet Briar Coll. Lib., VA

[Page 62]. Copyright 2008 Reed Business Information.

PW Reviews 2009 April #3

A bad book review propels this farcical thriller from bestseller Koontz (Your Heart Belongs to Me). Bestselling author Cullen "Cubby" Greenwich is mortified when Shearman Waxx, "the nation's premier literary critic," savages his work. Cubby manages to find the "syphilitic swine" at Roxie's Bistro in Newport Beach, Calif., where the author's six-year-old prodigy son nearly pees by accident on Waxx in the restaurant's men's room. In retaliation, Waxx threatens Cubby with doom and gets things started nicely by blowing up his house. With almost superhuman ease, the book critic keeps track of Cubby and his family as they flee for their lives. While some may take this as satire, the over-the-top villain's underdeveloped motivation and a jokey narrative tone that jars when juxtaposed with terrifying scenes of violence will leave others scratching their heads. By the time Koontz introduces a science fiction element, a lot of readers may have already checked out. (June)

[Page 25]. Copyright 2009 Reed Business Information.