David Copperfield's tales of the impossible / created and edited by David Copperfield and Janet Berliner ; preface by Dean Koontz.

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    • Abstract:
      Summary: Eighteen original stories of the fantastic. From David Copperfield's Snow, on a boy who can create snowflakes, to Eric Lustbader's The Singing Tree, which is on death, to Robert Weinberg's Dealing with the Devil, whose protagonist is a priest.
    • Content Notes:
      Snow / David Copperfield -- Quicker than the eye / Ray Bradbury -- Conversion of Tegujai Batir / Jack Kirby -- Diamonds aren't forever / S.P. Somtow -- Just like normal people / Kevin J. Anderson -- Singing tree / Eric Lustbader -- Hand-puppet / Joyce Carol Oates -- ROVPD/CAVEE/EFI [letters overstruck] / F. Paul Wilson -- Switch / Lucy Taylor -- Eighth of December / Dave Smeds -- Expert advice / Larry Bond -- Geroldo's incredible trick / Raymond E. Feist -- Dealing with the devil / Robert Weinberg -- Every mystery unexplained / Lisa Mason -- Just a little bug / P.D. Cacek -- In the teeth of glory / Dave Wolverton -- Last vanish / Matthew Costello -- Indigo moon / Janet Berliner.
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    • Other Titles:
      Tales of the impossible.
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      9780061052286 (hardcover)
      0061052280 (hardcover)
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LJ Reviews 1995 October

Public libraries will definitely want to buy this collection of original short stories by Ray Bradbury, Joyce Carol Oates, Eric Lustbader, and others. The only question is whether to file it under sf/fantasy, horror, or general fiction; it is an exceedingly mixed bag, loosely held together by the theme of reality and illusion. Robert Weinberg's "Dealing with the Devil" shows us a priest gambling his own soul to save the already bartered souls of his parishioners; Matthew Costello's "The Last Vanish" provides an eerie answer to where things go when magicians make them disappear; Bradbury weaves a tale of a man who sees his exact double doing things he finds terribly embarrassing. Quality varies widely, as one might expect, but this is generally rewarding.?Marylaine Block, St. Ambrose Univ. Lib., Davenport, Ia. Copyright 1995 Cahners Business Information.

PW Reviews 1995 November #2

A collection that includes, among other stories, a military tale from Larry Bond, a creepy puppet yarn by Joyce Carol Oates, an excerpt from an unfinished novel by the late comic-book artist Jack Kirby and the first published story by master prestidigitator Copperfield promises to be jarring, eclectic or just plain odd. This collection, built around the idea of magic and illusion, manages to be all three. Many of the 18 original stories here playfully or seriously embrace the weird, the supernatural and the bizarre?which is why Bond's war story, for its clarity and realism, seems to have wandered in from another book. High points include S.P. Somtow's ``Diamonds Aren't Forever,'' which takes the idea that the world is illusion to a delightfully clever extreme; Eric Lustbader's ``The Singing Tree,'' a moving story about death, reliving the past and new beginnings; a nifty F. Paul Wilson tale about an all-powerful word that, like all wish-fulfilling talismans, comes with its own curse; the haunting ``Switch,'' by Lucy Taylor, in which a young girl's escape from reality leaves her with yet another reality to escape; and ``Quicker than the Eye,'' a rare new tale by Ray Bradbury. Overall, this anthology, instead of celebrating that magic and sleight-of-hand that all good literature shares and evokes, reflects the merits of the Vegas-style magic extravaganzas for which Copperfield is known. (Dec.) Copyright 1995 Cahners Business Information.